Features (Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition Calculator)

Customizable based on your institutions policies

  • From the User Preferences screen you can select which predictive equations you commonly use. 
  • Enter your enteral formulary, modulars, and parenteral stock solutions.


Rapid calculation of Estimated Needs

  •  Calculate estimated needs for kcal, protein, and fluids all from the same screen. 

  • The Estimated Needs Calculator is available in the free version.

Enteral and Parenteral Calculators


  • Quickly calculate continuous or bolus enteral feeds with modulars and water flushes.   
  • Calculate 2:1 or 3:1 parenteral solutions. RD Calculator will calculate kcal, kcal/kg, g amino acid/kg, GIR, % lipid, osmolarity, minimum volume required for volume restricted patients, mEq Na/L, and % normal saline equivalent. There is also a fine adjustment function for osmolarity of PPN.  

  • Note that the Enteral and Parenteral Calculators are only available in the premium version of Registered Dietitian Calculator.

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