User Preferences


Select Edit/New Formula to add to and edit your enteral formulary. Modulars can also be added. Enter your stock solutions for your parenteral formulary and choose from 2:1 or 3:1 solutions. Then select which predictive equations you would like displayed on your estimated needs screen. Your preferences can be updated quickly and easily. 

New Patient


This feature clears all data from Estimated Needs, Enteral, and Parenteral screens and brings you back to Estimated Needs.

Estimated Needs


Enter anthropometric data for your patient. BMI, IBW, adjusted BW, % weight change, and your selected predictive equations will be shown. Easily calculate kcal, fluid needs, and protein needs from the same screen. If any changes are made to the anthropometric data entered, the calculate button will be highlighted blue. You must hit the calculate button to recalculate any changes. 

Enteral Nutrition


First select your formula from the dropdown menu, then choose whether your patient will be receiving continuous or bolus feeds. Select water flush volume and frequency, and modulars with flushes. When entering flushes for modulars, enter the pre and post flush as written (i.e. if you want to give 30 ml water flush before and after the modular input 30 ml, not 60 ml.) The calculator will calculate total kcal, g protein, ml water, kcal/kg, g protein/kg and ml water/kg. You may select IBW or actual BW or manually enter kg used. It will default to 100% delivery. If your institution estimates based on a certain % delivery of EN you can manually enter % delivery. This will assume entered percentage of EN administered with 100% of flushes and modulars. If you make any adjustments to the entered values the calculate button will highlight blue, you must hit the calculate button again to recalculate your changes. 

Parenteral Nutrition


Enter grams dextrose, amino acids, lipid, total volume, and electrolytes. The parenteral calculator will calculate total kcal, kcal/kg, g amino acid/kg, % lipid, GIR, mOsm/L, mEq Na/L, % normal saline equivalent, minimum volume for fluid restricted patients, cyclic infusion rates and calorie distribution. The +/ - buttons allow for fine adjustments of osmolarity for PPN. Note the +/- buttons will auto update all calculated values. If changes are manually made by entering new numbers in the fields using the keypad, the calculate button will be highlighted blue and calculated values will not be updated until the calculate button is pressed.  


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